As you and your family look forward to your upcoming vacation, you might be thinking about flight delays, lost luggage, or reservations. One concern that should be at the forefront of your mind is how to keep your home safe while on a vacation. Here are four of the easiest and most affordable steps you can take to increase home security while on vacation.

1. Hold Your Mail to Increase Home Security While On Vacation

The simple step of calling your post office can increase home security while on vacation. One way that potential thieves choose homes to burglarize is by paying attention to the mailbox. If the mailbox begins to overflow with mail items, then it’s a safe assumption that no one has been home for a while. To keep your home safe while on a vacation, be sure to call your post office to put a pause on your mail delivery before you leave. It would also be wise to call your newspaper provider and pause all deliveries to your home to prevent an accumulation of newspapers on your lawn and doorstep.

2. Ask Your Neighbors to Watch Your Home

Your neighbors can act as your first line of defense when you begin considering ways to increase home security while on vacation. Not only can your neighbors keep an eye on your home for anything unusual, but if there’s another type of emergency, such as a fire, flood, or electrical outage, they can contact the proper authorities to respond to the crisis in a timely manner. Communicate with the neighbors you trust about your vacation and give them your contact information and the contact information of your close family and friends should anything come up.

3. Make Your Home Look Occupied

One certain sign that a home is unoccupied is that it shows no evidence of regular use. This means that the lights aren’t turned on in the house at night, the garbage cans aren’t being placed on the curb, and cars aren’t pulling in and leaving the driveway. Thieves will generally keep an eye on houses in a chosen neighborhood to see which ones aren’t showing signs of being occupied. There are timers that you can purchase for your home that will automatically turn on your indoor lights at specific times and turn them off at a set time to make it look like someone is home. You can also ask a friend to visit your home a few times a week and ask a neighbor to park at your home so there’s a car parked in the driveway at various times of the day and night.

4. Lock It Down

Surprisingly enough, nearly 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. When the time comes for you and your family to begin packing and readying the house for your departure, it is vital that you remember to double check all of the locks on the entrances to your home. The night before you’re set to leave, go through each floor of your home and make sure that all of the windows are locked securely to keep your home safe while on a vacation. On the day you leave, spend a little extra time going around your home to lock all doors that lead out of your home. Use the deadbolt instead of just the doorknob lock.

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