May is National Deck Safety Month, so it’s a good time to take a look at the condition of your deck. A deck is a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family, but some decks aren’t as safe as they could be. Making just a few minor adjustments can make your deck safer for kids and pets. The following guide details ways to improve the condition and safety of your deck.

Have the Surface Refinished to Make Your Deck Safer

Most decks are made of wood. Over time, wood can become warped, cracked, or damaged due to exposure to the elements. This can lead to splinters in feet or paws.

Refinishing the surface of the deck before the summer starts will improve its look and make your deck safer. A deck can simply be sanded down, stained, and sealed to create a safe place for people and pets to walk.

Add Balusters to the Sides of the Deck

There are regulations in place to make sure that children cannot slip through the balusters on a deck. However, decks that are built without a permit do not always follow these standards.

Add more balusters if the balusters on your deck have more than a few inches of space between them. This will keep children and pets from squeezing through the open spaces and getting stuck or injured.

Install Locking Covers Over Outlets

External outlets on a home are often located where the deck connects to the house. Place locking covers over the outlets to make your deck safer. The covers require a key or combination in order to be opened. This precaution helps prevent accidental shocks and electrocution.

A Gate Helps Make Your Deck Safer

Another great way to protect kids and pets playing on your deck is to add a gate to the top of the deck stairs. The gate keeps children from falling down the stairs and pets from wandering into the neighborhood.

These deck improvements give you peace of mind so that you’re able to focus on entertaining your guests instead of worrying about the safety of your children and pets.

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