Order a Pre-Listing Inspection for a Successful Sale

From finding a seller’s agent to staging the home, putting your home on the real estate market is all about getting it prepared. One of the best ways you can prepare for the sale of a house is to order a pre-listing inspection. Read on to learn about how this service benefits home sellers.

1. Learn the Highest Priorities to Prepare Your Home

When you are getting your home ready for potential buyers, make a list of repairs and updates the house needs. Some improvements are critical for closing the deal while others are simple touch-ups or minor fixes. You might focus your efforts and funds on a smaller project before learning of a major issue that needs attention. Order a pre-listing inspection to prioritize your options when preparing your home for sale.

2. Make Repairs on Your Own Terms

Any potential buyer will likely order their own home inspection before finalizing the purchase of your house. When they receive their home inspection report, they may request that you repair certain defects. During negotiations, the buyer has the upper hand. Repairs will need to be completed in a timely manner so the transaction is not stalled.

When you order a pre-listing inspection, you learn about defects and can make repairs on your own terms and timeline. You will have time to shop around for estimates or perhaps even complete the work yourself.

3. Don’t Let a Surprise Defect Ruin the Deal

In some situations, buyers choose to walk away from a deal when serious issues are discovered in their home inspection. For sellers, this is a major setback which requires them to start all over. When you order a pre-listing inspection, you reduce this risk since you’ll know of any issues ahead of time.

4. Set Accurate Pricing With a Pre-Listing Inspection

Setting an accurate price is key when selling a home. The more details you know about its condition, the easier it is for your real estate agent to help you price the home fairly for your market.

Prep Right Property Inspections offers pre-listing inspections to Southern New Jersey. Contact us to schedule yours.