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Five star Google review for professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, value.

Prestige Tree Service Philadelphia

I’m a realtor and I ALWAYS recommend Prep Right LLC to my clients. I even use him on my own inspections. My husband and I are in the process of buying a multifamily property and we trusted John to inspect the property. He’s did not disappoint! We learned about all the issues and he even gave us some advice on how to prevent future issues.

He’s always early, thorough, helpful, AND you get the report the same day. My clients are so thankful to have had him inspect their properties. Not only do they learn about potential issues but he also takes the time to tell them about maintenance and other things to improve their property.

Even after the inspection is finished, clients can reach out to John if they have any questions. I love how thorough his report is and that the images serve as a guide especially when you send the report to the sellers to request repairs.

I 100% recommend Prep Right LLC. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, realtor or just someone in need of his services, I can promise you won’t be disappointed!

Deniqua Antoine

Five star Google review for professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value.

Sabrina Phiavilayvong

John was extremely thorough, informative, and helpful throughout the process. We had our report back in less than 24 hours. We’re extremely glad to have gone to him for our inspection.

William Cook

John was very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was doing and answered all our questions. His report was detailed and sent within hours of inspecting the home we plan to purchase. We were completely satisfied and happy with his work.

Antoinette DiGiacomo

John did a first time home buyers inspection for me. I must say he did an amazing job from start to finish. He was so detailed when doing the walkthrough report with my husband and I, letting us know each and every detail on his findings and explaining it to us step by step . He went above and beyond making us comfortable understanding the repairs we would need right away and the repairs that we would need along the way. He spoke about future maintenance and how to’s to make the most of our future home. I would HIGHLY recommend John to anyone!

Sarah Bass

John Hopper did a home inspection for me on my first home purchase. He was very thorough and took his time reviewing the home, then walked the property with me and explained all his findings. John gave me great recommendations on future improvements to the home and pointed out things that needed to be fixed sooner rather than later. John’s professionalism truly gave me great confidence in the home purchase. I would recommend John to all my friends and family.

Grace Nucifore

John from Prep Right performed a full home inspection for an older home I am in the process of purchasing (first-time home buyer!). First of all, John demonstrated great professionalism in all communications about details leading up to the inspection, leaving us feeling well informed and ready for the day-of-inspection. He thoroughly walk us through every aspect of the house, explaining things in ways that were very easy to understand. We walked away feeling like we learned so much about the house we were buying. He provided us with an incredibly detailed report the same day of the inspection! Overall, John was a real pleasure to work with–would highly recommend Prep Right for any and all inspection work.

Brandon Jacob

John Hooper was responsible for our general home inspection, which was performed after our offer was accepted to purchase an older home. John was knowledgeable and helpful, and he gave us some great insights. He was calm and realistic, all while providing us with as much information as possible. The report he delivered after the inspection was an incredibly thorough assessment of everything we discussed in-person, with rankings of immediate to minor concerns. Would highly recommend John to my friends and family!

Gregory Olsen

I’m a repeat customer and have found John at Prep Right to be extremely knowledgeable. He not only gives you a quality inspection, but he also explains how the systems work.

Dakota Joe

John was professional, thorough, and friendly. We found the report very helpful. Highly recommend.

Nicholas Pistor

John was great. Very thorough and gave us fantastic insight as an inspector and a previous investor in real estate himself. Highly recommended.

Blake Espy

Prep right home inspections are top-notch professionals that showcase extreme attention to detail. From beginning to end, they took their time looking at every aspect of the house that could be problematic; They left no stone unturned. Not only are they beyond professional in their approach, at the same time, they explain it to you in laments terms so you fully understand the situation and issues at hand. They really put our minds at ease with things that appeared to be worse than they were, and if it sounded complex they helped us understand the nuances of the project or fix that was needed.
After the inspection, the report was delivered very quickly, in a detailed and easy to understand format.

Buying a home is a stressful process and having someone like John and his team that you can trust, while making you feel comfortable, and confident about what needs to be done, is PRICELESS. They are the go-to home inspectors in my book, and will be recommending them to anyone who asks. Don’t google any further, pick up the phone and hire these guys ASAP! TOP NOTCH👍🏼

Jaimelynn Hannigan

John Hooper provided an excellent inspection. He was thorough and thoughtful while examining what seemed like every nook and cranny in the house. I highly recommend using John for your next home inspection.

Julieann Braun

Extremely knowledgeable – used to build homes for a living so he has actual hands experience too! Knew what the issues were that concerned the buyers and made sure they had all of their questions answered before he left the home! Definitely would use again for my clients!

Jennifer Cotton

Very professional and definitely knew what he was doing. Really explained everything after going through the house. Got all the repairs needed from the seller!

Robert Lero

The Schaeffer family has been dedicated to the mission of providing families in Southern New Jersey with quality built, affordably priced new homes for over 60 years.

Whenever I purchase a personal home or an investment property, I contact John Hooper of Prep Right LLC, Property Inspection Services.

The attention to detail which includes photos and illustrations on his report are easy to follow and provide a clear view and understanding of the trouble or focus areas along with the recommended fixes.

John’s professionalism, and courteous explanations are second to none. Everything he brings attention to is dead on.

I will definitely continue to call John at Prep Right for all my inspections.

Jason Schaeffer

As a realtor for Keller Williams of Cherry Hill, I deal with home inspectors on a daily basis.  Just as in any industry some inspectors are better than others.   I personally use and recommend to my clients John Hooper of Prep Right LLC, Property Inspection Services.  John is the owner and performs all inspections.

John made the process so easy.  He explained his observations in a way that were simple to understand and provided a report checklist of tasks to ensure that any safety issues discovered would not go unaddressed.  His report aligned exactly with our conversation, and as a result, there were no surprises. Our “to do” list was clear and his photos made it simple for anyone making the repairs to see the actual problems rather than having to have them explained.

I highly recommend John, and Prep Right LLC, for your next home inspection.

Bryan Vurgason

Keller Williams Real Estate

 “John Hooper is the best of the best when it comes to home inspections. He’s thorough, knowledgeable and available to answer any questions my buyers have. It’s fantastic having someone I trust inspecting the homes my clients will be living in. I highly recommend John!

Regina Missanelli Parks

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